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All games at A/S

  1. These are subject to:

1.1 guidelines apply to all users, including registered users. On, they are accompanied by the current game rules, bonus terms, etc.

1.2 To play on, one needs first register. Registering on acknowledges these conditions. Both parties have agreed to follow the regulations.

1.3 We have the right to change these terms at any time. Changes to the terms will be communicated to players via email or by logging into

2. Account

2.1 “Game account” refers to the account required to play games. Per participant account. Everything on SexySlots uses the gaming account.

2.2 The only things a human can do are develop a consumer connection and play games.

2.3 To withdraw funds, players must tell

2.4 Registration on involves a username and password as well as personal information such as a name, address, and CPR number (if applicable) (if available). The player must also define his game scope.

2.5 In this case, the player gives authorization to confirming their CPR entries. If the information cannot be validated, the player must provide identification such as a passport, driver’s license, or health card. The site may ask for further information at any time.

2.6 In the meantime, a temporary account can be registered with Cash out the temporary gaming account.

2.7 The gamer must verify all registration information. A discrepancy between a player’s information and the CPR registration may be amended.

2.8 You need NemID to play on On a smartphone, a login and password are required.

2.9 Players must update their registration information on or contact’s customer service if their address changes.

2.10 It’s personal. The player may only play the games for personal leisure. A breach of these terms will result in the account being closed.

2.11 No one may use the gamer’s account or login details. To prevent outsiders from discovering the player’s login information, the player must safeguard it. A player must also monitor his account for abuse. Monitoring non-player changes to account history, balance, and recent login can help. If a player discovers fraudulent activity on their account, they should reset their password and contact

3. Limit, suspend


  • Giving incorrect information, breaking the regulations, misusing his game account, or gambling unethically are all examples.
  • Respond to a player’s request to close a gaming account; pay the sum to the player’s NemKonto within 5 working days.
  • To pay funds to a NemKonto during a suspension period, the player must contact customer service.
  • rebuff payments

can disqualify a player from promotions.

3.2 also reserves the right to terminate or limit deposit and wagering options.

  • fraud, dishonesty, or other illegal conduct
  • terrorism financing,
  • hacking game systems and bugs
  • employment of software or robots to influence games, settlements, or outcomes
  • vs. oneself or utilizing another’s gaming account
  • Terms, game, and chat rule violations
  • incompatible with the games’ intended functioning.

3.3 Rejection, suspension, restriction


4.1 To wager on games, a player must first register. Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, and Maestro are accepted for payments. does not accept cash. credits the player’s account after receiving payment. Reimbursement of a player’s gaming account may incur a cost

4.2 For any reason, is entitled to take a player’s deposit from their gaming account, regardless of insurance coverage. In the event of a bank chargeback, may deduct the fees from the player’s account. To pay any unpaid balances, may reduce future deposits or wins.

4.3 deposits winnings promptly.

4.4 Only the player’s NemKonto can be credited. The player’s gaming account payout feature is used. Except in circumstances of permanent account termination, maintains the right to charge a fee.

Pause game

5.1 A game can be resumed up to 48 hours after it has been left at The player can keep playing Net Entertainment Malta Ltd games for up to three months after termination. Problems preventing the player from continuing the game will only be rewarded in the form of a bet refund.

Promotions and bonuses

6.1 The site can reward gamers for signing up, depositing, and playing. If a bonus is available, it will be clearly stated on Only one bonus per account. There is only one active incentive per product. To get another bonus, you must finish the current one. reserves the right to cancel a player’s bonus at any time if the bonus regulations are not fulfilled or if any unsuitable behavior is discovered.

7. Fair play

7.1 A daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit must be set up when starting a gaming account. Changing the limit is simple. A player’s account can change limitations. Increased deposit limits take effect within 24 hours. A previously set deposit limit is decreased.

7.2 This is where you can ask for a temporary or permanent ban (self-exclusion). Unbanned players lose access to their accounts for 30 days. Players must contact’s customer support to pay NemKontos. A year following ultimate exclusion, a new gaming account can be formed. Final exclusion funds are deposited into players’ NemKontos instantly or within 5 working days.

7.3 The player can pick a 24-hour respite during the game (cooling-off period). Afterward, the account will be suspended for 24 hours.

7.4 It is also possible that the player is permanently banned from all gambling sites, including (ROFUS). Register by phone or online.

7.5 Accounts can be closed at any time, for any cause, based on a player’s game pattern. Addiction and recovery are covered on’s Responsible Gambling website. You’ll find links to self-tests, StopSpillet, and free treatment clinics here.


8 All other materials and content on are owned by or its suppliers. The gamer can only use this material on does not approve the player downloading or using the material for commercial purposes.

Close Account

9.1 Alternatively, the user can contact customer care to close their account. After the player’s account is closed, the data must be maintained for 5 years (see item 14).

9.2 may also revoke the agreement on the establishment of the gaming account without prior notice if the terms are broken. can also close an account with one month notice.

Inactive accounts are those that have been inactive for 24 months. Inactive accounts will be notified by After 90 days, may delete inactive gaming accounts. Article 16.3 returns the deposit. Non-active accounts are not charged. The gamer must use the account again before closing it.

9.3 They get their money back in 5 working days. Unfinished bets and unused free spins are forfeited if the game account is canceled.